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• Indoor training gantries.

• Indoor individual training gantry.

• Indoor training floor ladders.

• Indoor rubber pulling mats.

• Meeting room with projector

   for instructional use.

• Outdoor gantries.

• Outdoor individual gantry.

• Outdoor ground ladders.

• Outdoor grass pulling surface.

• Outdoor rope climbing structure.

• Outdoor pulling wheels.

   (simulates live pulling)



• Instruction and training for beginners

   in Power Rope Pulling. (Tug-of-War)

• Training and instruction for new teams.

• Advanced coaching for existing pullers

   and teams.

• Display of pulling attire for pullers i.e. boots.

• Drawings of Gantries and training equipment.

• Instructions on setting up a club.

• Overall view of the sport and competitions,

   local and international.

• Loaner ropes for new teams.

• Experienced pullers/coaches to visit

   new team locations.

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