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The Bluewater club was formed in 1994... combining 3 local teams, the McCann Redy-Mix Team, the Pioneers and the 14th Sodbusters.


Within the first few years, the lightweight Bluewater Team was not very successful but with the introduction of the 700kg weight class and later the adoption of all international approved weight classes we soon made it onto the podium.As a result of intensive training we are now the top team in all weight classes(including the unlimited Catch-Weight class)


in 1998 we won all weight classes at the National Championships and therefore represented Canada at the World Championships in Rochester, Minnesota for the first time.


in 1999 we made our first overseas trip to an international club tournament in Stans-Oberdorf, Switzerland.


Since then, we have qualified to represent Canada at all World Championships, which are held every 2 years.


We competed at the following World Championships   

  • 1998 Rochester, Minnesota USA

  • 2000 Blackpool, England

  • 2002 Pretoria, South Africa

  • 2004 Rochester, Minnessota USA

  • 2006 Assen, The Netherlands

  • 2008 Gothenburg, Sweden

  • 2012 Appenzell, Switzerland

  • 2014 Madison, Wisconsin USA


We also competed at the European Championships in


  • 2003 Assen, The Netherlands

  • 2005 Cento, Italy

  • 2015 Belfast, Ireland


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